Northwest Nexus Frequently Asked Questions
Domain Names

Domain Names: Submitting a Change of Domain Name Authority request

Q.  I already have a domain name registered with the InterNIC.  How do I
    move it to Northwest Nexus?

A.  Here's what the InterNIC, the registering authority for domain names
    in the .com and .net (and other) domains) requires to effect a domain
    name change of authority from a previous network provider to Northwest

    1. The existing Administrative Contact or Technical Contact for the
       domain name must send an e-mail message authorizing transfer of
       domain name authority.  This message must also carbon-copy the
       existing Network Service Provider. The text of the message should
       include the following language:
          "As Administrative Contact for, I hereby
           authorize Northwest Nexus Inc. to apply for a change of
           Administrative Contact, replacing my name with xxxxxxxx, 
           along with other changes they find necessary to keep 
           the record up to date, effective dd mmm 1996."


              Administrative Contact

              Organization Name:  xxxxxcompany 
              Net Mailbox:

       The electronic mail message should be sent to:


       ...with the subject line:

            Domain name change of authority:  xxxx.yyy

   2. We will include your entire message intact and include it our
      request to the InterNIC to change authority for your the domain
      name to our primary and secondary nameservers.  

   Thanks to the tremendous increase in litigaton and worse over domain
   names and who administers them, the above procedure must be followed
   exactly for us to successfully transfer your nameservice.  We'll let
   you know when the change of authority has been approved and is in

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