NwNexus List - Block Information

Here at Northwest Nexus, we use various tools in the fight against SPAM. One of these tools we use is a local block/ban list that is maintained locally. Due of the daily onslaught of spam we receive, this list is constantly being updated and revised. Because of this, we sometimes insert domains or addresses which are not actually the source of the spam. These are mostly mistakes but are sometimes done on purpose to stop spam floods or other denial of service situations.

If an email from you to some address on our servers is denied, you should get a bounce message back. If that bounce messages states that access is denied because of the "NwNexus List", then your address or domain is on our ban/block list.

To request removal of your address or domain, please supply one or more of the following pieces of information to help us determine what is actually being blocked. The more you provide, the easier we can find and solve the problem. Please send:

  • The actual bounce message you received from our servers. This has the most information and will be the most help in diagnosing the problem

  • The actual recipient and sender address. Make sure you send the actual senders address which may not be the same as the address listed in the "From: " header.

  • The IP or the host name of the machine being used to connect to our servers. If you use someone else's server to relay through such as your ISP's relay machine, send that machines information, not yours.
  • When you have this information, please send it to abuse@nwnexus.com. If your address is being blocked and you can not send email via this method, then use our support problem reporting page.

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