Northwest Nexus Frequently Asked Questions

How to configure Outlook Express for email, on a Macintosh:

1. Go to the Edit menu and choose Preferences...

2. On the left, under  Accounts,  select  E-mail . The right-hand side should fill in with information about either your current NWNexus account, or another account.

3. If you have multiple accounts you can switch between them by clicking on the select-bar right below  Mail Accounts:  .

4. If you already have other account(s) and need to create a new one for Nortwest Nexus, click the  New Account...  button. Then specify "NWNexus" for the new account (or, whatever you want to call the title of this particular account). Otherwise simply continue to modify an exisiting account's settings.

5. Enter the following information for your Northwest Nexus email account:

Account Information: Fill in the  Full name:  field with your name as you want it to appear on your outgoing mail. Then enter your email address, and your company or organization in the  Organization:  field (if desired).
Sending Mail: This should be set to:
Receiving Mail: Fill in your POP3 username for the Account ID. In most cases this is the same as your email address. Then fill in for the POP Server:
  • If you have a Personal, Premium, or Premium Plus dialup account, the incoming mail server is "".
  • If you have a POP account, the incoming mail server will instead be "".
Also check the  Save password  box, and enter your password in the space provided.

6. The result should look similarly to this:

7. Press the "OK" button, and the changes will be applied.

Q: What about the settings in the  Advanced...  button?
A: None of the options should be check under the  Advanced...  button unless truely warranted for certain situations. Some are incompatible with Northwest Nexus and may (if enabled) cause inability to receive or send email.

Note in the snapshot below that none of the options are selected: