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Using FTP with the Windows 95 FTP Client
There are many customers who do not know about the built-in FTP client in Windows 95. It can be useful when you have no other alternative FTP program. Eventually you should look at getting CuteFTP, which is a shareware, windows-based FTP client. You can download it by pointing your browser to to get to the; search for "cuteftp" and select Windows 95 as your operating system. If you prefer the Unix prompt, you can refer to an online Unix manual titled UNIXhelp for Users.

Here are the instructions for using the Windows 95 FTP client to connect to your web directory on the systems. We will assume that you have a web directory already set up; if this is not the case, please refer to the FAQ, How to put your own World-Wide Web page on halcyon.

  1. Press on the Start button and click on Run. In the field beside "Open" type:


    Then click on OK.

  2. At the prompt "user (", type your login name and press Enter.

  3. At the "password" prompt, type your password. You will not see any characters appear on the screen due to security reasons. Then hit Enter.

  4. Type the following command:

    bin the command line and hit Enter to get into the binary mode.

  5. Get to your web directory by typing:

    cd /www/login

    You must make the FTP program point to the directory on your PC that has the web files by using the lcd command. For example:

    lcd c:\data\html

    ...will make the FTP program point to the c:\data\html directory on your PC.

  6. To upload a file, type:

    put filename.htm

    To upload more than one file type:

    mput *.htm

    This will upload all files with the .htm extension. "mput" stands for multiple put. The * is a wildcard character which stands for any character or characters that appear in that part of the filename.

  7. If you wish to download a file type:

    get filename.gif

    Here we are downloading a file that has the .gif extension. If you wish to download more than one file, use:

    mget filename.*

    Here we are downloading all files with the name filename regardless of the extension.

  8. To logout, type:


    ...and press Enter.

Below is an example screen of a user who was using the Windows 95 FTP program. You can change the font size by selecting the font size with the drop down box on the upper left hand side, which has "auto" as its default as you can see in the picture below.

Note: When you use the put or get commands, you will get the message "Transfer complete" when the upload or download has been completed.


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