Northwest Nexus Frequently Asked Questions
Mac OS

Setting Up the Apple Internet Connection Kit
for Northwest Nexus

Configuring the Apple Internet Connection Kit for your Northwest Nexus account is as simple as following the directions on your screen and typing in the appropriate information. This document will walk you through the process step by step.
  1. Install the Apple Internet Connection Kit on your computer following the instructions on pages 3 through 6 in your manual. Do not proceed to the section titled, "Registering with an Internet Access Provider."

  2. The following dialog box will appear on your screen. Click OK or press "Return" to continue.

  3. Pull down the Provider menu and select Define Provider Information.

  4. The following dialog box will appear. Click Next to continue.

  5. The following dialog box will appear. Fill in the provider name as shown. Enter your own login name in place of Mickey - your login name is the 3 to 8 character name you selected when you created your account. Note that you do not include "" in your login name. Your login name must be entered entirely in lowercase letters.

    Enter your password in the third box. Your password is case-sensitive - it must be entered in exactly the same combination of upper- and lowercase letters and numbers as when you created it.

    Finally, you must select a phone number. A list is available from our FAQ, "Dialup Access Numbers."

  6. The following dialog box will appear. Fill it in exactly as shown, replacing "mickey" with your own login name. Click Next to continue.

  7. The following dialog box will appear. You don't need to fill anything out here; simply press OK to continue.

  8. You must now restart your Macintosh to allow the software to install the settings you have entered. Click on the Restart button and allow the machine to reboot. The Apple Internet Dialer will automatically launch when the computer has restarted.

  9. The main Dialer window will appear. Your final step is to select your modem type from the pop-up menu. If your modem is not listed, use Default Modem.

  10. That's all! You can now click Dial Phone to connect to the Internet.


For information on how to use the programs that come with the Apple Internet Connection Kit, please see your manual. It gives a general overview of the programs and concepts. Pages 8 and 9 tell you how to get detailed online help. For documentation from the creators of each individual program, you can use the Netscape Web browser included in the Apple Internet Connection Kit to access the following addresses:

Internet Dialer:
Adobe Acrobat:
Netscape Navigator:
Claris Emailer Lite:
NCSA Telnet:

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