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Mac OS

Setting Up MacPPP for Northwest Nexus

A Recommendation

First off, we at Northwest Nexus suggest that you obtain and use FreePPP instead of MacPPP. We recommend using version 2.5 or higher, but not the beta versions of the program. FreePPP is produced by Rockstar Studios, and can be downloaded from their website,

If you must use MacPPP, follow the instructions below.

Setting Up MacPPP

  1. First, find ConfigPPP on your system. It should be located in your Control Panels, but if not, go to your file menu and choose find. Then search for ConfigPPP. Once found, move it by dragging it to your system folder. Then restart your system and open ConfigPPP.

    Once you open ConfigPPP, it should look like the picture below (some versions may vary). Change the settings so they are identical to the ones in this picture. The PPP Server will say NWNexus after completing the following steps in this manual.

    Go ahead and click on the Config... button to reconfigure a PPP Server setting, or click New... to create a new one. If there are extras which you don't use, then delete them.

  2. Set the settings as they are in this picture. Choose a phone number for your area from our FAQ, "Dialup Access Numbers". Remember to put the area code first (without a 1 unless it's long distance) because the phone company will soon require it. Then click on Connect Script... and make sure all the "Out/Wait" switches are set to out, all the "CR" checkboxes are unchecked, and that all the text fields are blank. Then click OK which will bring you back to this screen. Click on Authentication...

  3. Under Authentication, enter your Auth ID (your username or login name) in all lowercase letters. Then enter your password (remember it's cap sensitive). Then click OK. That will take you back to the screen above, and then click on Done. That will take you back to the first screen and go ahead and close ConfigPPP. If it asks whether to save the changes, choose Save.


Tips for those who are using ConfigPPP:

Why is the Open button greyed out?


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