Northwest Nexus Frequently Asked Questions
Mac OS

Setting Up Open Transport PPP for Northwest Nexus

Open Transport PPP, or OT/PPP, is the preferred PPP software for connecting to Northwest Nexus. It is included with System 7.6 and up, auto-configured by the Mac OS 8 Internet Setup Assistant, and available for download from We recommend that all users of Open Transport use OT/PPP in lieu of other PPP programs.

  1. Open the "PPP" control panel, which you should find in your Control Panels folder. A window that looks like the picture below will open. Fill it out as you see in the example, entering your own username and password in the "Name" and "Password" fields. Find an appropriate dialup number in our FAQ, "Dialup Access Numbers," and enter it in the "Number" field.

  2. Pull down the "PPP" menu and select "Modem". You'll see the following control panel. Select the port your modem is connected to in the "Connected Via" menu, and the type of modem you're using in the "Modem" menu. If your modem does not appear, try Supra, Hayes, and US Robotics settings -- most modems will work with one of those. Then close the control panel.

  3. At this point, you should be all set! You can click on "Connect" to establish your connection to the Internet. When you're connected, the "Connect" button will change to a "Disconnect" button you can use to shut down your connection.

    If you have difficulty connecting, click on the "Options" button and take a look at the "Protocol" settings ("Redialling" and "Connection" settings are purely matters of user preference). Try disabling TCP header compression or error correction and compression by unchecking their checkboxes. This seems to help many troublesome modems, such as the Global Village series, and people with noisy lines.


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