Northwest Nexus Frequently Asked Questions


Some users have inquired about how secure it is to use their credit card while online. Generally, it's not a good idea to give out credit card numbers via email or on the web. Secure transaction programs have been developed recently which help with this problem though. To be assured that a website is secure, you may have a pad-lock symbol somewhere on your browser. When the lock is closed, the site is secure. These sites will generally post a security certificate also.

128-bit browsers have been developed mainly for those who do lots of financial transactions while online. Both Netscape and Microsoft have 128-bit browsers available. The higher the bits, the higher the encryption level, sort of like powers of 10. Typical browsers are rated at 40-bit encryption. Other web-based programs such as CyberCash have been developed to handle the transactions on the server side securely.

Email is not a very safe way of sending credit card information. The message may be intercepted or accidently addressed to the wrong person. If you do choose to email your credit card, try to split it up in several messages, scramble it backwards, then send another email later explaining how to decode the previous messages. The more difficult, the safer it will be. Another good program to use when emailing credit card information is Pretty Good Privacy (PGP). This will encrypt information that you email. Eudora is an excellent program and has support for this encryption method. Both sender and recipient need PGP in order for this to work though.

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