Northwest Nexus Frequently Asked Questions
Web Authoring

Publishing your Personal or Web Presence site with Frontpage 98:
Before you get started Publishing with Frontpage, make sure that your
web directory has been created on our servers. Go to:

If it says File Not Found or Directory Doesn't Exist, then you must
read our FAQ on How To Create Your Web Directory. Web Presence customers
already have their directories created with a temporary under
construction page in place.
Things to be careful of before using Frontpage:
a) Windows filenames aren't case sensitive, but files on UNIX computers
   are. If you're website has broken links once it's been published, check
   to make sure the links are the same case.

b) The primary start page is usually index.html. However, welcome.html,
   start.html, and default.html also work. Sometimes, the web server may
   be confused between which to to serve when a user types in a URL: <-- The actual file served.

   Therefore, it's generally a good idea not to use more than 1 of these.

c) Keep in mind that Frontpage designs website to be run on NT Frontpage
   web servers. The personal and web presence web server,
   is a UNIX server, therefore some Frontpage items such as web bots will
   not work properly. If you want these extra capabilities, you'll need to
   upgrade to a Business Web NT account, or some alternate UNIX scripts.
   Microsoft does have Frontpage extensions that can be run on UNIX
   servers, but to date, they create a security hazard and therefore we
   won't run them. If you wish to use UNIX based scripts, visit:

   and read up on some UNIX scripts that we do have available. You are
   also welcome to run your own. You may have to run NOTEPAD and actually
   implement this code into your .HTML files by hand though.
How to Publish your Frontpage Web to Halcyon:
Once you've created your website and are ready to upload the files...
When Frontpage Explorer opens, choose:

   Open an existing Web from your local computer.

Go to the File Menu/Publish Frontpage Web

   In the future, it will list the proper URL in the Publish window, but for now...

Click on More Webs


   It won't find a web server with Frontpage extensions there, so...

Microsoft Web Publishing Wizard will pop up.

   FTP Server Name:

   Directory Path: /www/username


   Username: Username

   Password: Password

It will then say:

   Verifying FTP Connection... then
   Transferring # total files to

Go browse your website at !

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