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Configuring Netscape Communicator v4.0 for Mail & News:

If you have installed Netscape's newest Internet suite of applications called Netscape Communicator, you will want to configure Communicator so you are able to access newsgroups and send email. Even if you are using another program for email, you will want to configure Communicator to be able to properly bring up a mail form when you click on a standard "mailto:" link on a web page.

Newsgroups can be an excellent source of information to find people who have similar interests as you do and be able to pool from knowledge or experience on subject or subjects. So you may want to try newsgroups to find information on travel, sports, or just converse with others on topics through postings or email.

This page assumes that you have already installed Netscape Communicator. If you have not, you may want to check out their web site at

To Configure the Mail and Groups Category.

1. From the main menu at the top of Netscape Navigator click on "Edit" and then click on "Preferences."
2. In the Category window, click on "Mail and Groups" once to highlight the group. Then click on the plus sign to  the left of words "Mail and Groups" to open the subcategories listed under Mail and Groups.
3. Make Sure that you fill out the following fields:

Your Name:             First and Last Name (You can put capital letters here.)
Email Address:
Reply-to-address:     (only necessary if you want replies to your email messages sent to another email address)
Organization:            Here you can put your company or organization that you belong to. Optional.
Signature File:          Here you specify a file to be a file that is appended to the end of every email message. You can create this file with a simple text editor like Windows Notepad. The file created is a simple text file and can include things like your web address, company name, fax number, etc.

3. Next, click on the subcategory "Mail Server." Fill out the following fields:

Mail server user name:                 login (only put your account name or login here.)
Outgoing mail (SMTP) server:
Incoming mail server:         

4. Make sure that the"Mail server type" is set to POP3, as is the example below.
Note: The selection of "Leave messages on server after retrieval" is below. This feature is useful if you check email from the same account from a PC at work and at a PC or Mac at home. This allows you to download the same email to both machines. The problem with this setting is that eventually you will have to delete your old mail on the server, and that will involve you periodically unchecking this box (like once a week) and clicking OK and checking your email.

5. Click on the subcategory "Groups Server" and fill out the following field:
Discussion groups (news) server:

If you wish to have access to the ClariNet newsgroups, you can send an email to to ask for your account to be added to the list for access ClariNet newsgroups, which are groups that have up-to-date postings that are feeds from newswires for just about any news subject. Once you are added to the access list, you can change your "Discussion groups server" to

To Open the News Reader in Netscape Communicator

1.From the main menu click on "Communicator" and then click on Collabra Discussion Groups.

2.An application with "Netscape Message Center" at the top of the window will appear. This application will allow you to subscribe to newsgroups, post messages to a newsgroup, and view newsgroup postings.

To subscribe to a newsgroup

1.From the main menu of the "Netscape Message Center," click on "File," then click on "Subscribe to Discussion Groups."

2.A window will appear that has three tabs at the top: "All Groups," "Search for a Group," and "New Groups."

3.If you know the name of a newsgroup you would like to subscribe to you can start typing in the field box to the right of the words "Discussion Group." You will find that the newsgroup will appear in the large window below with a box around the newsgroup name.

4.If you do not know the name of the newsgroup that you want to subscribe to but you do know the first part of the name of the newsgroup then you can click on the plus sign to the left of the newsgroup folder. In the picture below, we clicked on the plus sign next to the halcyon folder.

5.Now, we see the newsgroups listed under "halcyon." Here, the user wants to subscribe to the halcyon.general newsgroup, so the user clicks on halcyon.general and then clicks on the "Subscribe" button to subscribe to this newsgroup. Then the user will see a checkmark to the right of the newsgroup which signifies that the user is subscribed to the newsgroup.

6.Next click on the "OK" button below.

To View Newsgroup Postings

1.Click on the plus sign next to "" The newsgroups you are subscribed to will appear below the news server, which in this case is

2.Double click on the newsgroup you want to view postings from and another window will appear.

3.If the newsgroup has a lot of articles, there will be a window asking if you wish to download all messages or download only certain number of articles. (One-hundred articles is the default.)

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