Northwest Nexus Frequently Asked Questions

Connecting to Northwest Nexus via Windows 2000

1. Click on Start, then Settings, then Network and Dial-up Connections.

2.       Double click on Make New Connection, then click Next.

3.        Choose Dial-Up to the Internet, then click Next.

4.        Choose I want to setup my Internet connection manually, or I want to connect through a local area network (LAN), then click Next.

5.       Choose I connect though a phone line and a modem, then click Next.

6.       Uncheck the box that says Use area code and dialing rules. Locate a phone number on our phone number list. Enter this number into the Telephone number: field, including area code. Please verify this is a local phone call using your touch-tone phone before dialing for the first time. Northwest Nexus is not responsible for long distance charges incurred by calling a non-local phone number. Click Next to proceed.

7.       Type in your User name and Password, then click Next.

8.       For the Connection name, type in NW Nexus, then click Next.

9.       The next window will ask you if you wish to setup an Internet mail account now, if you wish to set this up at now, choose Yes. Then click Next, choose Create a new Internet mail account, click Next, and then follow our Outlook Express setup instructions, or choose another product from our list. If you already have your email setup, choose No, then click Next. (f you already have an e-mailer, you will still need to make changes to the server settings as well as the login name and password. Email login and password the same as your dial-up login and password)

10.   If you are ready to connect to the Internet right now, click Finish. Otherwise uncheck the checkbox and click Finish.

11. An icon will appear in the Network and Dial-up Connections window called NW Nexus. If you wish to have an icon on your desktop for this connection, right click on the icon and choose Create Shortcut. A dialog box will appear saying it cannot create a shortcut here, but would you like one placed on the desktop instead, click Yes. Close the Network and Dial-up Connections window to take you back to the desktop.

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