Northwest Nexus Frequently Asked Questions

From the Microsoft's website:

If you are having a problem connecting to an ISP, try clearing the Use software compression and/or Use IP header compression check boxes.

If you re having a problem connecting to an ISP, try lowering the baud rate under Connection Preferences in Device Properties to the next lowest setting, until you get connected.

Known issue with some mail clients for CE (and other palm tops)

Users attempting to send email will get errors saying "Access Denied" from the SMTP server In order to get around this, when specifying a return address in the email program the address must be surrounded by left-arrow bracket and right-arrow bracket:
Return Address: <>
By default, some mailers do not include the brackets, and mail is rejected by our outgoing mail server.

Some Links

For more information on WinCE, here's some helpful sites:
Microsoft's WinCE Support Page
Craig Peacock's Windows CE Pages

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