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Dealing With That Online Addiction While On The Road:

So, you're heading out of town. Problem: You have an addiction - EMAIL. You're one of those who can't stand being without your email on a daily basis. Don't worry, many of us have this same problem. This FAQ will explain various methods on how to get your daily email fix.

Method 1 - Forwarding Your Email:

If you happen to be staying with someone who has internet access and an email account, and if you have a Personal or Premium dialup account with us, you can forward your email to your friend's address. Click Here for instructions on forwarding from your Personal or Premium account.

If you happen to have a pop box with us, you can visit and use our simple web-based interface to forward your email.

Method 2 - Using a Web Base Emailer:

Let's say you like your privacy and don't want your friend accidently deleting your precious email, etc... You have access via their internet account or know of a good Internet Cafe. You can then use our web-based mail access points. Just go to From there, choose either "" if you have a dial-up mailbox or "" if you have a POP box on our POP server. Secure encrypted SSL connections are also available by choosing the same server under the SSL connection area. We have signed our own certificates for these secure connections so your browser will ask you if you wish to accept the certificate from this site. If you wish to continue with the encrypted connection, just accept the certificate.

Method 3 - Using Telnet:

Another good way to check your email to to telnet in our system. Telnet is a text based interface and allows you to run a text-based email program, such as Pine. Again, this requires you to have a connection to the internet of some sort first. Click Here for instructions on using Telnet.

Method 4 - Configuring An Email Client:

Let's say your friend has internet access and an email program. You can change their configuration (which they may or may not be too happy about) to access our mail server. See the FAQ's on email on how to configure their client program. Note: while on the road and outside our system, you can't use our SMTP server. You'll need to use the SMTP (outgoing) mail server of whatever ISP you are connected through. Some newer mail client programs, such as Eudora Pro, Netscape 4.0, or Outlook Express, etc... support multiple account configurations so you wouldn't have to worry about messing up their settings if you use one of these programs correctly.

Method 5 - Dialing Into Us While On The Road:

If you have a laptop computer, you can configure it to dial into us while on the road. See our other setup FAQs for your particular operating system to set this up. Once it's setup to dial, you'll need to configure an email client program. At this time we do not offer any type of nation wide dial-ip access though we are looking into providing this service in the future. For a listing of our access numbers Click Here.

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